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New Concepts in Computer Consulting

Our highly experienced consultants are available to fill your company's technical needs in any environment. We provide professionals who will implement and complete your projects on budget and on time. They adapt quickly and personally care about giving you what you want.

Our consultants have been involved in their specialized fields for at least 10 years. They are the best available. That is what makes our company different from most other contract staffing firms.

Eclipse requires experience and rewards it. We compensate our consultants more than anyone in the industry. In some cases, they are compensated more than twice the amount our competitors' consultants receive. That means they enjoy working with your company because we give them the financial rewards their personal experience reflects.

We do not charge you higher rates than our competitors. We just put our money where it is most effective - in the hands of our consultants.

As a result, by retaining Eclipse, your company receives the highest quality people available in the computer consulting industry at a competitive price.

We want to establish long-term relationships built on trust, integrity, open communication, and commitment.   Eclipse is a ten year old company and was recognized in the October, 1997 issue of Inc. magazine as one of the top 500 privately held companies in America. Since 1991, we have enjoyed a growth rate over 620%.   Eclipse is owned and operated by individuals with diverse backgrounds, including computer programming, technical support and numerous consulting organizations from contract programming to big six accounting firms. Their ability to match specialized consultants with your company's unique needs will benefit your business in this highly competitive world.


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